My Nazi Legacy Movie

My Nazi Legacy is new upcoming American Documentary movie that is all set to release on next month 6th November 2015 in North America. My Nazi Legacy movie is basically made under the direction of David Evans and the story of the movie is pinned by Philippe Sands. This movies basically based on the story of three men, who are travelling together to across the Europe during the World War II. The main star or you can say main cast of the movie is Niklas Frank, Philippe Sands and Horst von Wächter. So guys are you going to saw this movie in cinema or not. If yes then you can book your tickets online in advance.


Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2


So far Katniss Everdeen or the girl on fire was doing whatever she felt was required for survival but, now realizing the battle is not just for her own survival but, for the survival of the humanity race Katniss teams up with her Petta, Gale and Finnick for the ultimate battle. Together they District 13 and embark on a mission against the President Snow and free the citizens of the war torn world Panem. With the rebels controlling almost all of Panem, the girl on fire Katniss must stage an attack on the rebels if she wants to destroy President Snow before he destroys all in Panem. Part 1 was around Katniss and her public image and where she stood as a fighter while Part 2 is entirely a war movie that has Katniss and the others tagging along so they can end the regime of a ruthless and overly obsessed with Katniss President Snow.

The Wonders Movie

The Wonders is 2014 released Italian drama based movie that is now set to release in United States on 30th October 2015. The movie is written and directed by Alice Rohrwacher and main stars of the movie is Alba Rohrwacher, André Hennicke, Monica Bellucci, Alexandra Maria Lungu, Margarete Tiesel, Sabine Timoteo and Sam Louwyck. Basically this movie is based on the story of a teenager girl and her three young sisters live with her family. In the movie a family of beekeepers living in the Tuscan countryside finds their household disrupted by the simultaneous arrival of a silently troubled teenage boy and a reality TV show intent on showcasing the family.

The Last Witch Hunter Movie

So guys how many of you goes to watch Vin Diesel in the silver screen again as a hunter in his latest movie Last Witch Hunter that is going to release on next week (23rd October 2015). Basically Last witch Hunter movie based on the story of a hunter whose main goal to destroy all the most horrifying witches in history. The Last Witch Hunter Movie made under the direction of Breck Eisner and the screenplay of the movie was written by Cory Goodman, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. The budget of the movie is around $90 million and the trader’s estimate that the last witch hunter movie will easily collects the amount after the huge success of the Vin Diesel last movie fast and furious 8. So guys are you going to watch the last hunter movie in cinema. If yes then please after saw the movie please shares your reviews here.

Animation Movies

After that studio gives agenda then screenwriter tries to include them to the script, a Director is selected and also gives feedback on the script. So during the time the screenwriter also gets agenda from different people. It seems to be a one man activity. And I have no doubt about it that after follow this process it becomes very amazing. Definitely it will become fantastic and amazing. But out of most of the live-action movies that are released every year, how many of them are achieve benefit? Now come on Animation, The Best Animated Feature Academy Award winner is chosen by AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) from a five shortlist nominees if 16 or more movies come out in a year.

Goosebumps Movie


Goosebumps is new American 3D action animated movie that is going to release on this weekend means tomorrow. The main cast of the movie is Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, Amy Ryan, Ryan Lee and Jillian Bell. Goosebumps movie is based on the television serial with the same name. Goosebumps movie is directed by Rob Letterman, and written by Darren Lemke from a story by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. The Goosebumps movie budget is almost $58 million and its estimate that this movie will collects the $22 million to $25 million on its opening weekend. Goosebumps movie will release on more than 3,400 theaters in North America. The movie story is based on when a teenager pair with the daughter of young adult horror author R.L. Stine after the writer’s imaginary demons are set free on the town of Greendale, Maryland.

Mission Impossible Movie

As we all know that Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise is the brilliant actor who run like a cheetah on land and hang off to the plane. I think for him it’s like not a big deal. Do you remember that stunt of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation film? In which he has to hold his breath for 6 minutes. It was the wonderful of all the time. Normally underwater a person can hold his/her breath for 10 seconds or 20 seconds maximum. But with practice we can hold our breath for long time like Tom Cruise. He also learned this act. Tom always stunned the audiences by doing different unique stunts which are incredible. For him everything is possible. He always proved that he is the versatile hero of film industry.