Love the Coopers Movie

Sam Cooper and Charlotte Cooper have been married for the past 40 years and have a family that spans four generations. Unknown to the family is the Sam and Charlotte’s marriage is going on the rocks and soon both plan on getting a divorce. The reason behind their divorce is the death of their younger son. Knowing this is going to be the last Christmas they will be spending together they decide to call the rest of the family together for the Christmas. So they call their Son Hank, Daughter Eleanor and the rest of the family over to their residence for the Christmas. But, the twist in the movie is no one wants to come over and spend a family get together as all are busy in their lives and their issues. Son Hank is going through a divorce and the custody of his kids including a teenage son and a small five year old daughter. Their daughter Eleanor does not like spending any season with her parents because she is always bombarded with one question- why I she is wasting her time in having an affair with a married man and her mother keeps on asking her one question- when is she settling down. As always she knows she will have to have to go home alone again so she decides to get someone to play her boyfriend. For More Information Visit here:


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