Alexandra Daddario in the film San Andreas

The movie producer Brad Peyton administration firm, with an expansive number of movies in the class, with an in number feeling of visual impacts, as seen in the features debuted to date. Maybe the dam disappointment as a prelude to the considerable obliteration that we indicate. In the fundamental cast likewise we discovered the on-screen character Carla Gugino, who plays his wife in misery.

San Andres movie posters (1)

Also, Alexandra Daddario, who plays the little girl, performer who stars in the new clasp of feature that we now offer. Alexandra Daddario in the film San Andreas An on-screen character who marked an effective part in the first season of the TV arrangement ‘Genuine Detective’. The dramatic arrival of ‘San Andreas’ is normal next May 29. Going to our silver screens after one of the greatest blockbusters of the 2015 season, ‘The Avengers 2’ Marvel.

San Andreas movie posters


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