Mad Max Fury Road Plot

To give life to Max you’ve taken a leave Australia at The Drop (Michael R. Roskam) seem native of Brooklyn, is the focus of your ways to approach your characters?

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The accent can be a gateway. In my opinion there are two courses of action, representation and presentation. I stand with different hats, but use the same voice, accent and physicality, which is Tom Hardy playing a KGB spy or a veterinarian, but when I represent give life to another human being, use a different accent and takes place transformation. In ‘The Drop’ he played the brother of James Gandolfini. How do you remember in retrospect?

The dramatic scenes of New York and Chicago are two specific places where I met a certain type of actors. People like Felicity Huffman, very talented, beautiful, vulnerable and committed to his work, sensitive both professionally and socially. James was part of such artists. It was so much fun … When I’m working I take responsibility not to walk goofing around in a scene, because you have to give yourself completely to another actor to make it shine. So if someone makes you laugh, you recompose and return to your decision, but Jimmy was impossible, it was so good, so funny which now you all can Watch free.

What he supposed to move from a blockbuster film intimate court? They are different vehicles. It is becoming a new challenge. And every time I feel less afraid to explore new things. But it happens that there is a fear when you’re playing with someone else’s money. And Mad Max is pure business and attention to box office figures.


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