Love the Coopers Movie

Sam Cooper and Charlotte Cooper have been married for the past 40 years and have a family that spans four generations. Unknown to the family is the Sam and Charlotte’s marriage is going on the rocks and soon both plan on getting a divorce. The reason behind their divorce is the death of their younger son. Knowing this is going to be the last Christmas they will be spending together they decide to call the rest of the family together for the Christmas. So they call their Son Hank, Daughter Eleanor and the rest of the family over to their residence for the Christmas. But, the twist in the movie is no one wants to come over and spend a family get together as all are busy in their lives and their issues. Son Hank is going through a divorce and the custody of his kids including a teenage son and a small five year old daughter. Their daughter Eleanor does not like spending any season with her parents because she is always bombarded with one question- why I she is wasting her time in having an affair with a married man and her mother keeps on asking her one question- when is she settling down. As always she knows she will have to have to go home alone again so she decides to get someone to play her boyfriend. For More Information Visit here:


My All American Movie

Football and America go hand in hand and this is the reason the story of Freddie Steinmark had to be made into a movie. Freddie was a normal boy who dreamt of nothing but, making it into professional football. But, everywhere he went to join he was rejected as according to the norms of football he was too small. His father saw how determined his son is so he decided to train him and let him live his dream a bit and eventually Freddie was able to show size is not everything and soon the legendary coach of the Texas University Darrell Royal saw Freddie and gave him the much desired scholarship and place in the football team The Longhorns. For More information visit this page:

About Spotlight Movie


The movie has been kept to the original events and no Hollywood hype has been added, all the events are as they happened. You also see how a doubtful Robinson sends his team into work as he knows a majority of his reads are Irish-Catholic and very religious and will not take this story lightly and might end up blaming the spotlight team for vandalizing a priests name. The main strong bone of the whole investigation is Marty who is an outsider from Florida and the first Jew to work at spotlight that also on a leader post who begins calling the shots. The outcome of the investigation was shocking to such extent that it shook the entire catholic community. It’s a must watch movie as you should have a view of what can happen even in holy places so be careful and always be alert. Visit here to watch The Movie Online Now: Watch Spotlight Online Free

Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

Part 1 was around Katniss and her public image and where she stood as a fighter while Part 2 is entirely a war movie that has Katniss and the others tagging along so they can end the regime of a ruthless and overly obsessed with Katniss President Snow. With two presidents Coin and Snow fighting for Panem, Katniss with Coin the results of the war is evitable but, how Katniss manages to throw President Snow down and overcome his rebels is what the movie is all about. You will get a lot of battle scenes in the movie especially the ones in District 2 and the Capitol. For more information visit this website:

Pala Alto Movie

Palo Alto, an American drama film directed and written by Gia Coppola shows how a parent-misguided girl April played by Emma Roberts is torn between illicit flirts from her soccer coach Mr.B and her unrequiested love from sweet stoner Teddy.  Going from one high school party to another both April and Teddy are in a conflict on admiting their affection for each other. The movie is director Gia Coppola’s debut and is based on the short story collection under the same name written by James Franco. The movie released in May 2014, received positive reviews with Emma Roberts getting well deserved praise for her work in the movie.

Jem and the Holograms

Under the direction of Jon M. Chu Jem and the Holograms is a movie that shows how three sisters who were simple online video singers all of a sudden get hurled into the lime light and become stars overnight. The girls belonging to a small town nurtured the dream of becoming singers but, thought that chance of the lifetime will never come. Never the less one of the sisters Jem decides if not big we can be singers so they began recording their videos and releasing them online but, soon they get to taste the lime light but, apart from stardom they also come face to face with supernatural powers that they have. On realizing this they decide it’s of no use to keep these powers locked away. The movie stars Aubrey Peeples as Jerrica Benton or Jem, Stefanie Scott as Kimber Benton and Nicholas Braun as Brad.

Freaks of Nature Movie

Freaks of Nature new American upcoming horror based comedy movie that is all set to release on 30th October 2015 (Tomorrow) in North America. Freaks of Nature movie directed by Robbie Pickering, written by Oren Uziel. The main star cast of the movie is Nicholas Braun, Mackenzie Davis, Josh Fadem, Joan Cusack, Bob Odenkirk, Keegan-Michael Key Ed Westwick, Patton Oswalt, Vanessa Hudgens and Denis Leary. Firstly this movie receives the limited release in United States. Freaks of Nature movie based on the story of a teenager, a vampire and a zombie join forces to battle an alien invasion in their once-peaceful town. At the end this is really a great movie to watch. If you want to watch this movie then you can click on this link: